You are moving to South Africa...... 

Don't You Worry About Getting Shot!" 

As soon as you tell people you are moving to South Africa, the usual response isn't positive!

With no one to ask, its easy to start worrying and doubting your decision, 

Are we making the right decision? Where on earth are we going to live? 

Stop relying on Google and random people, who fill your head with horror stories. We have been in your shoes, Expat Homes consultants have experience of living abroad, we understand what you are going through. 


Do you move close to the school community, work or trendy bars, parks and cafes? 

You want to feel safe, so maybe a gated community is best, but then you don't want to be stuck in the middle of no where, with a huge commute to work.  

You're not the first expat to have simple expectations; to feel safe; have a nice light airy home, with a good size garden for the kids to play in.

We don't want you to go on endless housing searches, or spend hours trolling through property 24, which is full of out of date stock, and no agent ever gets back to you.  

We don't want you to be shown all the out of date stock, that agents can't get ride off and you end up settling for a cold, dark house. We understand how much stress and time finding a house can take, which is why we will make it easier for you.  

Joburg Expat Housing

We can help you to arrive and move straight into your dream house, 

Without the stress, Without the drama

To Be Settled.

We Get It.......  

We know the local area, and know what its like to move to south africa, and start again from scratch. 

We source houses before they ever go onto the market.

Houses that are in the right area, close to the best schools, and next door to work. Houses that were previously rented by expats just like you. 

No more worrying about security.

Or offered houses that don’t meet your brief.

No more missing out on great houses, because you’re held back by slow agents.

Or being fobbed off with old stock that other people have rejected.

One less thing to worry about.

Find the dream home.

Big house, big garden, swimming pool.

Space for guests and family to visit and create memories.

We want you to start focusing on the fun stuff, to get on the plane, knowing that everything is set up and ready for you. 

It’s all possible! This dream home is within reach.

We are here to help you find it. 


Joburg Expat

You let us know your brief by completing the form here. Please let us know if you require temporary accommodation for when you arrive, or just seeking longer term.  

  • One of our agents will give you a call to fully understand your requirements, and answer any initial concerns.

  • Based on your requirements we complete a comprehensive housing search, both on and off the market.

  • We connect you with other expats in similar area's so you can get feedback from likeminded people.

  • We plan your housing tour. Showing you the range of area's and properties available matching your criteria.

  • By agreement we will check the contract and assist with signing all the paperwork

Expat Homes is a complementary service. This means that no costs will be charged for viewing properties.

Not just houses

If you need a broader package of relocation support, we provide taylor made support packages to support your Look and See visit through to our monthly Relocation Assistance Packages, that will set you up with schools, cars, doctors, and nannies

Calling all Landlords

If you have a home that could be rented out to our corporate clients click the link below to get in touch.