Let Us Provide You With Your Own GoGo

GoGo - Zulu for Grandmother

An gogo holds a central place within the Zulu community. With age comes wisdom, your gogo is the first person you turn to for sound advice. 

We want to provide you with your own GoGo, someone that can help support you through your move to South Africa. Your own relocation assistant. Someone to help answer your questions: 

Image taken from the incredibly talented Heather Mason @2summers

Image taken from the incredibly talented Heather Mason @2summers

"Which School Is Best For My Child?"  

"What Car Should I Buy?" 

"Where Can I Get Hold Of A Washing Machine, Dishwasher And Dryer?"

We know how challenging it is to restart your life from scratch. From the endless admin and making 1001 decisions based on instinct. Decisions that most people take years to make, consulting with their trusted friends and family. You have to make those same decisions in 24 hours. Relying on Google or random Facebook groups to give you the knowledge you need.   

With no one to ask, you suddenly feel pretty isolated and exhausted from trying to juggle everything. You knew moving was going to be hard, but this is taking forever, and you are starting to doubt if you made the right decision to move.    

There are just so many unanswered questions....

What Paperwork Do I Need To Purchase A Car?

How On Earth Am I Going To Drive On The Other Side Of The Road, And I Have No Clue How To Tackle A Circle?

What School Uniform Do My Children Need? Where Do I Buy It All From? 

What Is A Fair Salary To Pay Our Nanny? 

How Can I Source Good Quality Second Hand Furniture?

My Child Is Sick - Where Is The Nearest Doctor, That Will Be Open Right Now, & What Paper Work Do I Need?

How Do I Go About Finding Some Friends?

How Do We Stay Safe?

 Whether You Have Lived Abroad For 10 Years Or 10 Minutes, You Don't Need To Tackle All This On Your Own 

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We have created the perfect solution to support you throughout your whole assignment. From the moment you start exploring what life could be like through to saying goodbye to your new life long friends and having a bucket load of incredible South African experiences to look back on.

Your Gogo is your own local assistant who will take care of all the details every step of the way, their main role - to ensure you maxmise every opportunity life in South Africa has to offer.  

Just imagine stepping off the plane with your own driver waiting for you at the airport, in a huge car to transport you and your most prized possessions straight to your new front door. 

As you walk through the door - everything is set up for you.

The wifi all set up.

The washing machine installed.

Food in the fridge. 

Babysitter arranged. 

Toys for your children to play with. 

Furniture all delivered and in place the moment you arrive.  

A cold bottle of wine to enjoy out on the patio whilst flicking through the latest luxury travel guide to start your planning your trips to see the Lions, feed elephants and learn about the dung beetle.

No more endless trips to the shopping mall in the hunt for another set of draws or supplies for your child to start school with.  Instead you can start exploring the city as a family knowing where to go and how to stay safe. 

You can start ticking things off your bucket list from day one. 

Wifi is all set up so you can facetime family from the side of the pool, whilst playing shark attack with the kids.

We will even provide you with some suncream and mosquito spray to protect you all.  

Have your family coming to visit? We can put together their whole itinerary, and even arrange a driver to take them around whilst you are at work or on the school run.  

Not sure where to get gluten free bread for your mother in law - no worries we can source that for you.

We will curate all your travel arrangements throughout your 2 year assignment, regardless of how many visitors you have to stay. You will be an expert in South African, wine, history, and style, knowing where to go, the finest restaurants to eat at, and gifts to purchase. 

We have it covered.   

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Your ugogo is your own local relocation assistant, they understand what its like to move country, they draw upon their own experiences together with advice from previous expats that have trodden the path before you. Its this knowledge that enables us to stay one step ahead, always arranging everything before you even ask. Providing you with range of recommendations and trustworthy products.  

Local Knowledge At Your Fingertips

There is no need to do this all on your own. Reinventing your life abroad whether its your first move or every 2-3 years is incredibly tiresome and very isolating. Allow us to support you throughout the whole process. 

We Have A Range Of Packages To Support You Depending On Your Need And Budget.